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3 weather app alternatives for iPhones


On Tuesday, Apple’s Weather app went down for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac users. Apple is aware of the issue and working to resolve it according to its system status(Opens in a new tab) page. But, this isn’t the first time the Weather app has rained on people’s parades. Apple users on Reddit have spotted recent instances of the app being inaccurate(Opens in a new tab) and buggy(Opens in a new tab).

Apple’s Weather app is not working. What we know.

The Weather app is already coming back online for some, but if the forecast for app functionality looks gloomy, you’e come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of the best iOS Weather app alternatives for when going outside can’t be left to chance.

1. Carrot Carrot(Opens in a new tab) is for when you want your weather forecast to come with as much personality as the hammy weatherman on the local news. Choose different personalities for delivering your forecast that range from “professional” to “overkill.” But all this pizazz will cost you. It’s free to download with a seven-day trial, but subscriptions start at $4.99/month after that. For an app that was awarded App of the Year by Apple, it might be worth it.

For the users who want some personality with their weather forecasts.
Credit: Carrot

2. WeatherBugFor users who need the weather forecast for reasons beyond determining whether or not to wear a light jacket, WeatherBug(Opens in a new tab) is it. This app is good for outdoorsy types because it gives precise real-time data and sends alerts for severe weather. That includes a useful lightning-detection feature. WeatherBug is free, so you get ads and it doesn’t have all the features found in paid apps, but it’s a good option to have when braving the elements.

Free, no-nonsense weather forecasts, plus a lightning-detector!
Credit: WeatherBug

3. AccuWeatherAccuWeather(Opens in a new tab) is the OG of weather forecasting for a reason. It’s accurate, reliable, and especially good for local weather forecasts. Its interface has detailed information about hourly predictions and the app is packed with data about humidity, air quality, UV index, and how the temperature outside actually feels. If you’re looking for a daily weather app to fit into your morning routine, the AccuWeather gives you what you need. AccuWeather has a free version or you can get the Premium version for $.99/month or Premium+ for $1.99/month.

Hourly forecasts and in-depth weather info on an updated interface.
Credit: AccuWeather


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