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Grammarly introduces a ChatGPT-style AI tool for writing and editing


Grammarly, the popular spelling and grammar checker, is tossing its hat into the generative AI ring.On Thursday, the communication assistance company announced GrammarlyGO, a new tool which uses ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence model to generate text. With GrammarlyGO, users can draft documents, compose and reply to emails, edit writing for tone, clarity, and length, and ideate concepts or outlines for a project, within the apps they’re working in. According to the announcement, GrammarlyGO relies on “personal, organizational, and situational context” to tailor suggestions to your writing style and communication.

ChatGPT is coming to a Slack near you

Grammarly has used AI for almost 14 years to check spelling and grammar, and suggest communication improvements. But now, it’s jumping on the conversational AI bandwagon. Since the latest version of ChatGPT launched in November, the AI software has captivated the internet with its sophisticated intelligence and ability to quickly and conversationally talk to humans. Novelty aside, ChatGPT’s success has proven that AI can be a powerful — albeit controversial — way to generate text, summarize information, and (sometimes inaccurately) inform users.

GrammarlyGO can draft posts within apps and sites like LinkedIn.
Credit: Grammarly

Companies are scrambling to integrate chatbot technology into their own products and services. Since OpenAI launched a ChatGPT API for third-party developers, Snapchat, Instacart, Slack, and now Grammarly have all announced features that use ChatGPT in some way.

GrammarlyGO can generate emails and replies.
Credit: Grammarly

GrammarlyGO sits within Grammarly’s existing tools, which in turn are integrated into apps like Microsoft Word and Slack, web apps like Gmail, and the browser extension for Chrome. And GrammarlyGO isn’t exclusively for premium subscribers. It is also available on the free version in select markets. 
That means practically wherever you go to write something — composing an email or opening up a Google doc, GrammarlyGO will be there to assist you. Kind of like a much more advanced Clippy. For individual users, GrammarlyGO is automatically activated, but can be toggled off in settings. Starting in April, GrammarlyGO will start rolling out in beta. 


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