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traitor: British reality TV series Traitors coming to a close. Know the timings of last three episodes


The British mystery game show Traitors, which started on November 29 is just left with 3 more episodes that will be broadcast on BBC One from December 20 to 22 at 9 pm. The show is a grotesque adventuresome murder mystery where the contestants are tested to all kinds of temptations and pitted against each other.

In the last episode, a business student Alyssa Chan was eliminated by her fellow traitors Amanda and Wilfred. Earlier, in the show, Aisha Birley, a graduate and Claire Barratt, a former police officer had been eliminated among others. While accounts supervisor Nicky Wilding, author Ivan Brett and Cambridge scientist Imran Nasim were banished on the suspicion of being traitors.

Did you like ‘1899’? Here’s Netflix’s 10 most interesting science fiction shows

Did you like ‘1899’? Here’s Netflix’s 10 most interesting science fiction shows.

‘Manifest’ (2018 )

You can stream it on Netflix.
The main focus of Jeff Rake’s Manifest is on the people who are getting off a very turbulent flight. Even though the plane lands safely and everything goes as planned, the characters find out later that the world has aged five years. Also, the passengers start having strange visions that they call “Callings” and start arguing about what happened and why.

‘Lost’ (2004–2010)

You can watch it on Hulu.
This ABC show is about a group of people who survived a plane crash and are now trying to stay alive on a mysterious island that seems to be empty.
This show is great for people who like both survival shows and sci-fi.

‘Sense8’ (2015–2018)

You can stream it on Netflix.
With only two seasons, Sense8 tells the amazing story of how eight strangers from different parts of the world are suddenly mentally and emotionally connected. While these characters try to figure out what happened, people who see them as a threat are after them and they have to find a way to stay alive.

On the Edge (2022)

You can stream it on Prime Video.
The Peripheral is based on the 2014 science fiction mystery-thriller of the same name by William Gibson. It takes place in a future where technology has changed a lot. In the new science fiction show starring Chloë Grace Moretz ,Flynne Fisher live in a small Appalachian town and discovers a secret link to a different reality.

The entire game is split between Traitors and Faithfuls, where the contestants have to identify the traitor and eliminate that person in each episode. Because if the Traitor survives the game, he will get the entire prize money. And if the Faithfuls eliminate the Traitors successfully, they get to share the prize amount amongst themselves.

The Traitors presented by Claudia Winkleman is based on the Dutch series De Verraders, which premiered on November 29 this year. This show is set in a castle in Scotland, Ardross Castle where 22 participants are completely unknown to each other and have to compete for winning prize money of £ 120,000.


  1. What was the format of the reality show Dutch series De Verraders?
    In De Verraders, a Dutch series which premiered in March 2021, 18 celebrities had to compete against each other amidst manipulation and betrayal for winning a silver treasure of 50 kilos. In this game, they had to identify the Verrader, which means traitor or betrayer.
  2. When will the US’s version of Traitors be aired?
    The US Version of the reality series Traitors will kick off in January 2023 on Peacock TV. This one is also based on the Dutch series, De Verraders.

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