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Forgot something? You can add mentions in an Instagram Story after it’s posted


It’s true: You can add mentions in an Instagram Story even after it’s posted. And it’s pretty simple.You can’t edit a Story after it’s posted — meaning if you want to add text, music, or images after the fact, you’ll need to delete the post and repost it to your liking. But if all you need to do is add a mention after you’ve posted your Instagram Story, and if you don’t mind that their username won’t appear in the story, give it a go.

Step 1:
Add to your Instagram Story

You likely already know how to do this, but either click the [+] sign on the bottom middle of your Instagram home screen, click your profile picture in the top left corner, or slide your screen to the left. This will allow you to add to your Instagram Story.

Credit: Instagram Screenshot

Step 2:
Post to your Instagram Story

Take a photo or video, add your text and anything else you’d like to add, and add it to your Instagram Story or your Close Friends Story.

Credit: Instagram Screenshot

Step 3:
Navigate to Add Mentions after your Instagram Story is posted

Once your Instagram Story is posted, click the three dots on the bottom right corner of the screen that say “more.” This will show you a screen with eight options, including “Delete,” “Highlight,” “Save,” “Share as post,” “Send,” “Add Mentions,” “Boost story,” and “Story settings.” Click “Add Mentions.”

Credit: Instagram Screenshot

Step 4:
Choose the people you’d like to mentions in your Instagram Story after it is posted

Either scroll through the people Instagram serves you up, or type their username in the Search bar. Click the name of the account you’d like to mention in your Instagram Story, and the circle on the right next to their username will fill in blue with a check mark. Click “Add,” and the account will be tagged in your Instagram Story.

As a reminder: You won’t be able to see the account added and, when you mention someone in an existing story, they will receive a notification.


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