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This iOS OCR scanner app is only $40


TL;DR: As of Feb. 26, a lifetime subscription to the iScanner app(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for $39.99 rather than $199 — that’s a 79% discount for a limited time.Working remotely requires a lot of flexibility. Sometimes that may mean turning your dinner table into a web conference station, and other times it might mean finding space-saving substitutes for essential office appliances. iScanner may not be able to retrofit your kitchen, but it does pack the functionality of a high-quality document scanner(Opens in a new tab) into your iOS device, and you can get a lifetime subscription for $39.99. Turn your iPhone into an OCR scannerScan books, formal documentation, ID cards, and more with this smart scanner app. Need to search for a specific phrase on a lengthy printed document? Use this pocket OCR scanner (Opens in a new tab)to turn any scannable object into convenient, searchable, edit-friendly text. You can even clean up your scans before you start working with them. iScanner has tools to fix warped edges, skews, and annoying curves in your files.Looking over a new contract? Use iScanner to sign on the dotted line. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can also blur out sensitive information or lock your files behind a secure PIN. Scan multiple documents as PDF, JPG, and TEXT files and share them all from one app. You can also merge or split documents by page, which is very convenient if you just need someone to look over one small part of a larger document.iScanner doesn’t just scan documents and cards. Point your iPhone at a written or typed-out math problem and see a solution in moments. No need to mess around with the order of operations and a calculator when it can be done automatically. Doing inventory? iScanner can count similar objects for you. If you’re ordering some new furniture for your home office, don’t forget to take some measurements before you buy. iScanner’s got you covered there too. Measure the area of a room without ever fussing over a measuring tape. An all-in-one scanner app for iOS devices You may not have room for a full-sized scanner, but you probably have desk space for your phone. Get a lifetime subscription to iScanner(Opens in a new tab) for just $39.99 (reg. $199). Prices subject to change. 


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