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How to Check Laravel Version by CLI, File And CMD

Popular framework Laravel was created using the PHP programming language. Tutorials for installing Laravel can be found here. You will discover methods in this article for locating the versions of installed Laravel programmes.

The version of the Laravel application installed on any machine may be determined in one of two methods. You may search for it manually or using a query. Check the Laravel version in the files if you have any command-line issues.

1. Command to find Laravel Version

					php artisan --version
					OutPut In CMD
Laravel Framework 8.17.2

The above output shows that you are running Laravel Framework 8.17.2.

2. Check Laravel Version in File

There are situations when you might not have terminal access to the Laravel apps hosted on the server. You might not be very accustomed to using the command-line interface. In such scenario, you can just open the following file to see the Laravel version. Users of WHM/cPanel can access files using file managers.

First, navigate to the Laravel web root directory and open the below file.

					vim ./vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/Application.php

Then search for the string “VERSION”, which contains the version of the Laravel application.

code with code


The “Application.php” file may be checked, or the CLI can be used, to quickly determine the Laravel version. Developers may make sure they are using the most recent upgrades and features of the framework by monitoring the Laravel version. We really hope that this guide helped you understand how to verify the Laravel version and will help you with future development tasks.

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