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The coolest thing at CES 2023 was this Optimus Prime robot


CES 2023 has come and gone. And if you were following our coverage, you likely saw the futuristic EVs, the glasses-free 3D TVs, and all the other next generation technology being shown off at the event.

Best of CES 2023: Everything you need to know

But when I think of the showstopper product of this year’s CES, I keep coming back to one specific thing that I saw: This remote-controlled Optimus Prime robot from Robosen that was built in collaboration with Hasbro.I witnessed grown men and women completely lose their minds while watching this 19″ Optimus Prime robot in action at Robosen’s demo booth. And I completely lost it, too. True to its Transformer name, this thing transformed back-and-forth from truck to robotic form. But it also walked forwards, backwards, sideways, did push-ups, sit-ups, and karate stances. If it fell over, it was able to automatically get itself back up on its feet. It could even stand on one leg in order to kick!As Robosen explained, the robot is fully interactive and programmable via a mobile app, meaning it could do a whole lot more than we were even shown. Seriously, watch the video we took above because explaining what this thing does just doesn’t do it justice. While much of the cool tech shown at CES is all prototypes and promises from the future, Robosen’s Optimus Prime robot is actually available right now. At $999, it’s not cheap, but it’s also not priced totally out of reach. Plus, Robosen also showed off its new, smaller version of the Optimus Prime robot, which does all the same things and is priced at $699.


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